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We are IMS: an experienced partner in developing and building automated production lines for world’s leaders in small sensors, actuators and micro-optics. Learn more about who we are and how we can help you scale up your production in the best possible way.

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An IMS production line

Production automation

We enable you to manufacture your innovative products

in the best possible quality and in high volumes, with our reliable and robust assembly lines.

We can support you in ramping up the manufacturing of your innovative product through the following activities: a pre-automation analysis, followed by the design, build and installation of a production line and our after-sales service and support.

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We’re always on the search for innovative, headstrong wo/hbo-employees with a good sense of humour!

More information can be found on our jobs page.

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Recent news

Recap: Technical Challenge – March 28th

news | 04-04-2019

We are always searching for innovative, headstrong HBO /WO-level employees with a good sense of humor! One of the best opportunities to be visible for and get in touch with excellent students and professionals is our own Technical Challenge. The participants have to face a challenging case about the development of a machine in the field of high-tech production automation in the automotive industry. In addition, it offers students and professionals from the industry with a (HBO/WO) technical background a unique chance to actively engage in our process of finding solutions for production automation challenges.

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Design presentation Solar Team Twente’s new solar car: RED E!

news | 01-04-2019

In a hangar at Twente Airport, Solar Team Twente unveiled their new (winning) solar car ‘RED E’ for their partners and sponsors on March 20th. As one of their proud partners, IMS attended the design presentation of Solar Team Twente’s new solar car! RED E and Solar Team Twente will appear at the start of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in October 2019 (Australia). We’re proud to see the results so far after months of dedication.

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Advanced automotive industry at the CES in Las Vegas!

news | 22-01-2019

From Jan 8th – 11th the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) took place in Las Vegas. With every year, the presence of car manufacturers and their supply chain increases. This year, the CES is the place where the automotive industry shows the future “computer on wheels” to the world. As the excited visitors we are, we want to share the trends and innovations we have seen at the CES.

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