About IMS

Taking you steps ahead

We develop and build production lines for your small, innovative product

About IMS

Let us introduce ourselves

With your business case as our guiding principle, we develop and build production lines that enable you to manufacture your small, innovative products.

Our workforce consists of 80 professionals with a passion for technology and a sincere commitment to making every project a success.

In close collaboration with you, we will use our knowledge and broad experience in various manufacturing technologies to deliver the best possible production lines: scalable in volume, capable for a high product mix.

Taking you steps ahead of your competitors.

A peek into our history

History of IMS

A short overview of the most important facts in our company's history

  • 1999:
    Establishment of IMS through a management
    buy-out from Texas Instruments

  • 2001:
    First projects in the medical devices market

  • 2007:
    IMS becomes an independent, privately owned company

  • 2010:
    First projects for high volume micro-optics assembly

  • 2012:
    Introduction of a new generation scalable automation platforms

  • 2017:
    Delivered 542 production lines so far

Our values



We develop distinctive production solutions, which offer our customers a sustainable advantage on their competitors. We focus on applications early in their product life cycle, with sufficient growth potential for repeat business.


We develop and provide top-class production systems in the global market. We are a successful partner for customers who are at the forefront or who are to be the leader in their sector. Together we create technologies and systems - Production Power - that offer a long-term competitive advantage.

A thorough understanding of our customer’s needs and our professional expertise result in effective solutions. As a recognised expert in our field, we support and advise our customers in achieving their goals.

We are a team of professionals who communicate openly and on an equal basis. In our inspiring and pleasant work environment, we continuously challenge and develop ourselves. Our success is guided by a shared passion and commitment in everything we do.

A couple of facts and figures

Established 1999
Staff 80
Installed Base 542


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