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IMS automated production lines

In your search for a reliable production line, you have come to the right place. Teaming up with IMS means you will receive a robust, scalable and flexible production line, with repeatable high product quality, high availability and the ability to grow with future market demands. The automated assembly lines makes the productionprocess faster and declines the margin of error.

To answer the various automation challenges in the market, we set you up with semi-automated production lines and fully automated production lines. We develop automated production lines for micro-optics and sensors. If you have any questions about automated assembly lines or any automation challenges, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Unraveling the automation challenge

What are you looking for in automating production? Which results do you want to achieve by purchasing a production line for your new sensor or optical system?

Together with your team, we configure the concept for an automation solution that fits your specifications, desired functionality and future needs.  When we discover challenging production steps or manufacturing processes, a proof of concept study can help in figuring out the right steps to take. This is performed in our pre-automation analysis phase, to rule out uncertainties and discover the possibilities for performing the challenging manufacturing processes. The results of a proof of concept are a reliable starting point for the development of an automated production line. For questions about the automated assembly lines or other automation challenges you can always contact us.

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Development and building of an automated production line

Our automated production lines are scalable in capacity, capable of a high-mix and flexible in layout. When developing a production line, we draw upon our existing knowledge and the technology that is available on the market. The resulting production system is a seamless integration of existing and in-house developed manufacturing processes and proven automation experience. If suitable, we use our IMS automation platform as a modular, robust basis to integrate the manufacturing processes on. We have a standard basis frame, controls and software on which we can build further, making it possible to focus on the complete manufacturing process and the challenges here.

Ramp up your production with IMS automated production lines

The future will bring many opportunities for your new products. New possibilities through ADAS in automotive, miniaturization of parts and added functionality. You want to be ready to scale up your production when the market demands more.

Our automated production lines help you answer the new market demands. Starting with a semi-automated production line or scale up with a fully automated production line: all our production systems are ready for ramping up the volume and capable of producing a high-mix. Together with our team of engineers, we support you in the upgrading of production or extending an existing production line, to match the needs of your company and your market.

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A production line for every automation challenge

Our production lines excel in highly accurate assembly of small products. Depending on your goals and specifications, we set you up with a semi-automated production line or a fully automated production line.

Semi-automated production lines
Start with automated production or ramp-up to medium production volume with our semi-automated production lines. The critical assembly tasks are performed automatically and handling of products is done manually. Critical assembly tasks are for example: lens placement, (thin) foil punching, adhesive application, UV curing and quality inspection.

Fully automated production lines
Your product’s market entry is successful, there is a strong pick-up in market demand and a higher production volume and product quality is needed. That is where fully automated production lines come in. Critical assembly tasks and handling of products are both performed automatically. All production processes are completely integrated on the assembly line.

Available options for these fully automated production lines are, to name a few:

  • Clean air production environment inside the equipment.
  • Connecting the equipment to the IMS supervision system for data tracking.
  • Extending the production line by adding existing processes or new processes
  • Adding additional processes from external specialist suppliers

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