IMS has a new view of the roof. In the beginning of November, six hundred Solar panels were taken into use. Allowing us to save up to 50% of our yearly energy consumption!

Delivered by Pure Energie

The solar panels were delivered by Pure Energie and installed by Kremer on the roofs of both our company buildings. Pure Energie is a leading green electricity supplier from Enschede. They are the only energy supplier in the Netherlands, which supplies 100% of green electricity from their own windmills and solar panels. We chose Pure Energie because of their sound and transparent advice, extensive experience and their collaborations with good partners.


Becoming a more sustainable business

We have been granted a subsidy for Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE); this means we receive financial compensation for the renewable energy we generate.

This investment in solar energy is in line with our path towards becoming a more sustainable business. We have a sustainable air conditioning system at Einsteinstraat 14 and use geothermal energy for the heating of our offices at Einsteinstraat 16.


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