This month we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary, a special milestone we’re obviously very proud of! We’ll take you back in time, from where it all started to where we are today: an experienced partner in developing and building automated production lines for world’s leaders in small sensors and optical systems.

A shared passion for innovation and technology

Twenty years ago: IMS was established from the former business mechanization department of Texas Instruments in June 1999. About 25 professionals with a shared passion for technology formed the basis of what IMS (Integrated Mechanization Solutions) became. Ready to excel and deliver outstanding performance to new customers, with a sincere commitment to make every project a success. Now, we supply our customers worldwide with the best possible production automation with more than 120 FTEs.

Taking you steps ahead

During the growth of IMS, the expertise, knowledge and skills of our employees has expanded. Over the years we have continued to broaden our knowledge base and we have continuously developed to work on the technology of tomorrow in close collaboration with our customers.

With the focus on robust and accurate micro assembly of products, in high volumes, we’ve served the automotive market from the start. In the years that followed, this expanded to the connector business, smart devices (such as smart phones) and the medical market. As a result: more than 565 automated IMS production lines have been installed worldwide.

For 20 years, IMS machines have been making sure that smartphones can be fitted with cameras and that modern cars drive with the latest sensors and cameras. In these years we’ve achieved plenty to look back on, but there is even more to look forward to!

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