We currently employ around 80 innovative colleagues with wo/hbo-level qualifications to best serve our customers. This is something we achieve by developing and supplying precise, fast production lines for small, assembled products. Aided by scientific analyses and testing tools, we enable our customer to manufacture producible products and processes.

We provide product lines to major international customers who produce pressure sensors for cars or camera modules for smartphones in large quantities. You can find small products created on an IMS production line in all modern cars and in the major smartphone brands.

Full of challenges

We offer plenty of challenging work for experienced and graduate technicians, especially electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and technical physics. We improve the customer’s production, making it simpler and more precise. We use analyses and prototype tests to provide producible products and feasible processes. Each production line is customer-specific and requires a smart, creative combination of existing and new technology. This involves processes such as vision, laser technology, and highly accurate positioning. For you, the challenge is to come to the customers with benefits. A production line does not only need to be smart and hit the right numbers - it also needs to make a difference to the customer in terms of their competition. You’re a true entrepreneur!

Involved from A to Z.

Involved from A to Z.

We’re offering you the chance to be involved from start to finish in creating production lines. In addition to designing and developing the machines, you will test the production line and supply it on location. This means that you will install the machine and transfer the production process to the customer worldwide.

Enjoy working in a multidisciplinary team!

We’re a compact, professional organisation in which you’ll soon get to know all aspects of the field and have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions. You will work with other highly-trained professionals in a multidisciplinary team within IMS. Although we’re a relatively small company, there are opportunities for growth. An introduction programme has been set up to help newcomers familiarise themselves with the company in the broadest sense and you will be assigned a mentor to answer any questions you may have.

Are you enthusiastic and can you see yourself working with us?

Are you enthusiastic and can you see yourself working with us?

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