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How to keep up with rising market demands

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If you’re the world’s leading supplier of sensors and controls and you are faced with a sudden, increased demand for your product, how do you react? That’s right: you step up production. This was exactly the situation Sensata Technologies found itself in. After having worked together with us for many years, Sensata turned to us again.

Customer goals and needs

A rising demand for High-Temperature Sensors –sensors that measure temperatures between 40°C and 950°C and are typically used in the automotive industry– caused the need for Sensata to produce more of these units on relatively short notice. Sensata’s production line at the time was fully automatic and had reached its limits of output, which called for a different solution. When approaching us, Sensata expressed its wish to expand its facilities with an easy to maintain product line.

The crimp and roll equipment

IMS challenges and solution

This project started with a feasibility study, the idea was to simplify the manufacturing process for expansion. The existing production equipment was highly specific, fully automated and combining all process in a very complex way. For some of these processes, an improvement in robustness was necessary.

The completely automated production process was unraveled in a number of subprocesses, which would be performed semi-automatically. These processes are:

  • Cutting
  • Manual pre-assembly
  • Welding
  • Crimp and roll
  • Bending
  • Function test
  • Laser marking

The answer to Sensata’s needs was an easy to maintain, semi-automated production line, consisting out of semi-automatic production equipment on a uniform basis with a uniform user interface. On which every process is executed in a reliable and robust manner. IMS proceeded to build, validate and install the production line on-site.

Results for the customer

Working with us on this project and with our production line provided Sensata with the following benefits:

  • A simplified production line with a robust process
  • Low maintenance production line
  • A basis for further expansion and reuse

This fast turnaround enabled Sensata to meet the growing market demand.

Hans Velten

Sales Manager

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