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Increased market share with automated production

In markets where products need to deliver accurate and repeatable performances under every condition, you want your production lines to deliver the best product quality possible. When one of our customers faced a growing market and they needed to respond fast to an increased demand from their customers, they turned to us for support. Let us explain how IMS has helped the customer to fulfill the needs of their customers and stay ahead of competition.

Customer needs and goals

Customer needs to increase production volume and improve the quality of their micro product. A better cutting process and efficient automation of the complete product assembly would help them achieve their goals. This is where we come in. The assignment posed on us was to come up with a solution for accurately cutting, and positioning a thin wire into their product. The production processes on the production line contain the following steps: accurately cutting and positioning, dispensing glue, UV-curing and vision inspections. Not only was it our task to develop the line and integrate these processes, the yield of production also needed to improve compared to the current production process.

Production lines to deliver the best product quality

IMS challenges and solution

At the start, IMS and the customer jointly defined a Proof of Concept (POC) investigation with the goal to determine the best fitting cutting technique. We underwent this POC phase by developing concepts, performing tests and in doing so, supported the customer in making the right choice for the cutting technique. As a result, we found a highly accurate and repetitive process in the use of a Femto laser. This brings a much more robust repeatable process compared to other cutting technologies.

Next, we needed to look at how to automate the complete product assembly. To minimize risk and reduce the total lead-time, we decided to use a modular equipment concept on which we could develop and build the several process steps independently. Its independent control system allows for offline testing and adjusting of a (new) process module prior to integration on the machine. This leads to more reliable testing and validation of the machine.

Pre-automation analysis is key

These two phases are part of our pre-automation analysis, POC and automation of the production, were very important of the success of the project. Our extensive knowledge in the fields combined with our working method made it possible to find the best possible production automation solution.

An overview of the production processes that are integrated on the machine:

  • Traditional processes such as de-coiling, cleaning, and more complex processes such as glue dispensing, components positioning, laser cutting and automated quality inspection by means of vision.

Results for the customer

The machine was successfully installed and released for production at the customer location.

To summarize what they have gained from this cooperation:

  • High quality product resulting in better product performance and improved yield
  • Increased production capacity: during the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), we have been able to reduce the committed cycle time by 10%.

This project represents an important milestone in establishing a long-term relationship. Both the customer as well as IMS are very satisfied with the professional cooperation. We both benefit from this relationship and as a result: a second machine is in the pipeline and will be delivered this year. To be continued!

"The best fitting cutting technique"

Hans Velten

Sales Manager

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